Village History

The beauty of the Village of Metamora is appreciated year 'round, being blessed with an abundance of large, shady maple trees and green rolling hills.  This is an area of woodlands, ponds and pastures...pleasing to the sportsman and nature lover in all of us.

The first settlers arrived in Metamora in 1830.  During that time, the Village of Metamora was a bustling trade center for the surrounding countryside.  Well-kept country homes lined its shaded streets.  Churches, a schoolhouse and places of business framed the main streets.  At a time of horse-drawn transportation, hitching posts were used by those who came to town to do their trading.  Back then, money was not the only form of payment.  The blacksmith was paid with produce while butter and eggs were "pin-money" for homemakers.  Wheat paid the storekeeper and an occasional pig paid the doctor.  Locals traded, dickered and swapped...exchanging products and helping one another.

Make the historical Village of Metamora your destination for business, shopping, dining or just enjoying country hospitality.  It's closer than you think.


Upcoming Events

Metamora Country Days & Hot Air Balloon Festival, August 28-29, 2015

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